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Comparing Shell Schemes vs. Space-Only Stands: Which Is Right for Your Next Exhibition?

Trade shows and exhibitions give companies a stage on which to present their goods and services, make contacts with prospective clients, and network with other business professionals. Making an impact takes careful selection of the kind of show stand. Two popular choices are space-only stands and shell schemes. Everyone has special benefits and factors to take into account. This page compares space-only stands with shell schemes to help you choose which is best for your next show.


Shell Schemes

Shell scheme stands are prefabricated constructions supplied by the fair organiser. Usually they consist of walls, carpets, lighting, and occasionally simple furniture. Shell scheme stands for the following main characteristics and advantages:

1. Ease of Setup – Pre-Constructed:

A basic structure and pre-built walls are included with shell schemes. Time and work are saved by the quick and simple setup.

Inclusions: To save on extra setup, these stands frequently come with lights, electrical outlets, and signage.


2. Cost-Effectiveness:

Smaller companies or those with tight exhibition budgets may find shell plans to be a more economical option than space-only displays.

Package Deals: Shell schemes are frequently provided by exhibition organisers as a part of a package agreement that can also include extra services like cleaning and maintenance. Shell scheme stands offer a professional and unified look. Exhibitors that like a simple, no-frills setup may find this helpful.

Consistency: The uniform design guarantees a level playing field for all exhibitors, which can help to preserve a unified appearance throughout the show floor.


3. Perfect for New Exhibitors

Simplicity: Shell plans provide an easy, hassle-free choice for companies who have never shown before. With no need to worry about building a stand, the basic setup lets them concentrate on their display and marketing materials.


Only in Space Stands

Known by another name, raw space stands, space-only stands provide exhibitors with an empty canvas on which to design a unique display. Below are the salient characteristics and advantages of space-only stands:

1. Space-only stands provide you total creative flexibility and Complete Customisation.

The identity and vision of their brand can be freely reflected in the stand that exhibitors design and create.

Unique Designs: Without a set structure, companies can produce distinctive, visually arresting designs that draw in more customers.


2. Brand Impact

Stronger Brand Presence: Brand colours, logos, and messaging can be included into custom stands to increase their visibility.

New Features: Innovations like multimedia presentations, tailored furnishings, and interactive displays made possible by space-only booths increase visitor engagement.


3. Flexibility

Adaptability: Exhibitors can build their stand to suit certain needs, including room for big products, conference rooms, or cutting-edge technology integration.

Scalability: The exhibitor’s objectives and the available display area will determine how large or small custom stands can be.


4. Professional Image

Premium Appearance: Custom-built stands can project to prospective partners and clients a greater degree of professionalism and dedication.

Enhanced Experience: Creating a customised setting makes the visit more engaging and unforgettable.


Principal Points to Remember

Think about the following while choosing between a space-only stand and a shell scheme:

1. Budget- Initial Costs:

While space-only stands can be more expensive up front because of design, building, and extra services, shell schemes are typically less expensive.

Long-Term Investment: Think about whether a bespoke stand might be used again for next shows, thereby gradually making up for the initial higher price.


2. Exhibition Goals:

State your objectives for the show. Perhaps a space-only stand would be more suitable if brand impact and distinction are important. Under simple product display and financial limitations, a shell design might work well.

Target Audience: Think about what your target market expects. While a shell concept might be sufficient for more general audiences, a fully customised stand might be required to wow industry professionals.


3. Time and Resources

Setup Time: Shell schemes take little time to set up, freeing you up to concentrate on other parts of the show. Stands that just hold space require additional planning, building, and installation time and money.

Team Capacity: Determine if your group can oversee the creation and construction of a unique stand. Professional stand builders can help to lessen this load, but it will increase the expense.

Investing in a custom stand may be beneficial if you routinely attend exhibits. An occasional or one-time event might be better suited for a shell scheme.



The kind of the exhibition, your resources, money, and goals will determine whether to go with a shell plan or a space-only stand. Simple, affordable, and convenient, shell schemes are perfect for novice exhibitors or smaller companies. For companies hoping to create a big impression, space-only booths offer total customisation, increased brand visibility, and a premium appearance. The best option in the end will correspond with your particular requirements and show plan. Your return on investment and a good exhibition experience can be maximised by carefully assessing your goals and resources.