MT Group Plus User Guidelines


Step 1– Search and go to our website


Step 2– Hover on the All-categories button below the Company Logo to choose which category you want to choose to see. You can click the All-Categories button to go to the entire product menu.

All Product: Includes all the products from all the categories.

Back Drop: This includes all backdrops, from pop-up to fabric tension.

Stands: There are many stands such as Roll-Up Stand, X Stand, H Stand, Easel Stand, Brochure Stand and Lucky Draw Stand.

Beach Flag: This includes flags with shapes such as feather, straight and tear.

Counter: There are counters such as Pop-up, PVC, Metal or Aluminum.

Others: Others are miscellaneous products. (e.g. Shell Scheme, Punch Needle Carpet and etc.)


Step 3– Find the products you want to buy by clicking on their image. (It will bring you to the product main page)


Step 4– Check the description and the image of the product to make sure the product is what you want to buy.

Step 5– Click on the bracket beside the retail price and choose an option you wanted.

Step 6– Click +/- to increase the quantity you want to purchase


Step 7– If there is any enquiry on the product, click the green button to ask our admins about them.

Step 8– Click on enquiry on WhatsApp to add the item to your cart and you can continue shopping on other products. Click on buy now and the item will add to your cart and bring you to your shopping cart.


Step 9– To apply the coupon discount, type the coupon code in the blank space provided.

-To change the quantity of the product, you can press -/+ on the quantity section to increase or decrease the product quantity.

REMEMBER to press update cart to update the newly selected quantity so the system can calculate the total amount.

Step 10– Press proceed to check out to go to the checking out the menu.


Step 11- Fill in your Billing address and payment information.

Step 12– Press on place order and your order is complete.

Step 13– Check is all the quantity, price, billing address and shipping address are correct. We will send your order to you as soon as possible. If there is any mistake, please reach out to our admins as soon as possible, we will fix it ASAP.