Portable Display System

Welcome to M&T Group Plus Plt, your first choice for premium portable display systems. Whether you are preparing for an exhibition for your brand, expanding your retail space, or displaying products in a showroom, our range of portable display systems is tailored to perfectly meet your needs in every way. We are happy to offer a combination of practicality and aesthetics, guaranteeing that every part of your display is visually appealing.

Why Choose Our Portable Display Systems?


Our portable display systems are designed to easily adapt to different venues and objectives. With modular designs and customisable setups, we provide flexibility to meet any particular display goals.


Our display systems are built to last, especially in high-traffic areas, thanks to their high-quality materials. Rest comfortable that the products we provide are designed to keep their quality and dependability over an extended period of time.


We are aware of how crucial simplicity is while assembling and disassembling displays. That's why our portable systems are built for easy setup and disassembly, allowing you to focus on efficiently conveying your message.


What are the key benefits of incorporating portable display systems?

Portable display systems provide various advantages, including flexibility in setup, simplicity of moving around, and the ability to customise for different exhibition locations. It also have a professional appearance and can be utilised for several events, making them a budget-friendly option.

Can portable display systems be easily assembled and disassembled?

Indeed, the simplicity of setup and disassembly of portable display systems is one of their main advantages. Most systems have user-friendly characteristics including lightweight materials, straightforward assembly procedures like pop-up frames or telescoping poles, and clear instructions. This makes them excellent for exhibitors that need to swiftly put up and take down their exhibits.

What sorts of graphics are compatible with portable display systems?

Portable display systems may accept a variety of graphics, such as printed banners, fabric graphics, vinyl decals, and digital displays. The choice of graphics is determined by elements such as the display system's design, intended application, and affordability. Many systems have interchangeable graphics, making it simple to modify graphics for various events or promotions.

Can portable display systems be customised to meet unique branding needs?

In order to comply with certain branding requirements, portable display systems may indeed be tailored. This customisation may include the ability to choose colours, add logos or branding components, and include unique design aspects. Some suppliers provide unique solutions based on the client's branding standards and preferences.

What are the modes of transportation for portable display systems?

Portable display systems are lightweight and small, making them easier to travel. They are often transported in carrying cases or bags made expressly for each system, assuring their safety throughout travel. Depending on the system's size and weight, transportation options may include hand carrying, wheeled transport bags, or courier or freight shipment.

See the Difference for Yourself

At M & T Group Plus Plt, we take pleasure in providing portable display systems that harmoniously combine functionality and design. With our dedication to quality and client satisfaction, you can count on us to deliver solutions that enhance your business’s image and message. Contact us today!