Graphic Illustration and Large Format Printing

We specialise in graphic illustration and large-format printing. Our professional graphic designers are devoted to designing stunning designs for any events and exhibitions. We offer the talents and resources to help you highlight your brand, promote a product, or just to make an important statement.

Why Choose Our Graphic Illustration and Large Format Printing?

Graphic illustration

To successfully communicate your idea, our talented designers interact directly with clients to brainstorm and produce unique graphic designs. From eye-catching logos to comprehensive designs, we take delight in creating visually attractive artwork that distinguishes you from others in your sector.

Large Format Printing

With cutting-edge printing equipment, we can generate high-quality prints in enormous dimensions. Whether you require banners, posters, signage, or other advertising materials, we guarantee sharp, colourful prints that capture attention and make an impact.

Talented Design Team

Our graphic design team is enthusiastic about their work and dedicated to producing great solutions that are suited to precisely what you need.


What makes graphic illustration so crucial?

Visual design requires graphic illustration as a fundamental element as it is crucial for conveying concepts and emotions. Branding, advertising, publication, and other contexts may all benefit from the adaptability of this graphic.

How do you include illustrations into your branding strategy?

Both your marketing messaging and your graphics should be in tune with your brand identity. They should also be consistent and cohesive throughout all of your points of connection, including your logo, website, social media profiles, product packaging, and advertising materials.

What is the large printing format?

One way to print huge designs on paper, or other materials is to use large format print.

What is the purpose of large format printing?

Any printing effort that makes use of a huge sheet of material is referred to as large format printing. Trade exhibition displays, banners, and posters are typical examples. Printers designed to handle bigger paper sizes are frequently needed for large format printing work.

Is large format printing profitable?

In recent years, large format printing technology has advanced dramatically, resulting in shorter manufacturing times and higher quality prints. These developments, together with the growing demand for big format prints, have made this industry extremely profitable and appealing to businesses of all kinds.

See the Difference for Yourself

Are you ready to boost your brand and differentiate yourself from the crowd? Talk to us about what you want for large format printing and graphic illustration right now. Allow M & T Group Plus Plt to help you bring your idea to life and leave a memorable impact at your next event or exhibition.