Exhibition Custom-made Design and Build

Introducing M & T Group Plus Plt, your one-stop shop for display counters and exhibition booths made to your precise requirements. With our considerable experience and dedication to perfection, we specialise in creating unique solutions that boost your brand's visibility and engage your target audience. Whether you're promoting products, services, or ideas, we'll bring your vision to life with unrivalled artistry and inventiveness.

Why Choose Our Exhibition Custom-made Design?

Custom-made booths

We acknowledge that each brand has its own characteristics and goals. That is why we provide custom-made booths that precisely display your products and services. From idea conception to final installation, our team of professionals will collaborate with you to guarantee that the exhibition space meets your expectations.

Innovative Design

Our creative designers specialise at designing eye-catching innovative booth designs. Depending of your preference for a more contemporary or sleek design, we'll work alongside you to develop a design that represents your business's identity and attracts in customers.

High-quality Graphics

We furthermore offer high-quality graphics to make your booth stand out among the crowd. From vivid banners to outstanding customize booth, we'll assist you with designing graphics that will leave a lasting impact on your clients.


What is the main goal of the exhibition?

Exhibitions are important since they allow you to reach a bigger audience while also promoting your products or services. Depending on the sector, exhibitors might arrange exhibits to get business feedback before releasing their products to the general public.

What is a definition of customised exhibition stands?

To satisfy specific requirements, custom exhibition stands are built. They let you to show your creativity via design and display thoughts as well as convey your brand image that is entirely unique to you. It is particularly designed for the creation of a custom exhibit.

What factors contribute to a successful exhibition?

Unique design, eye-catching content, and engaging activities all contribute to your exhibiting effectiveness. When designing your exhibition stand, instead of just following design trends, always strive for uniqueness.

What are the advantages of innovative exhibition booth design?

Creative exhibition booth design provides significant advantages for event success. For starters, it draws new visitors by sticking out in environments of competition. Second, it keeps participants engaged with immersive experiences. Finally, it creates a lasting impact, increasing brand recognition after the event. Investing in innovative design differentiates your brand and maximises effect.

How can I design a customised trade show booth?

As a general guideline, booth graphics should include some of empty space. This helps making sure that they don't overrun your message or drown out your brand in too many pictures. Keep in mind that you only get one opportunity for leaving an unforgettable first impression. Avoid packing too much unnecessary information into your exhibition booth.

See the Difference for Yourself

Don’t settle with regular exhibition booths. Experience the impact that custom design and build solutions can make for your business when you engage with M & T Group Plus Plt. For more information about our offerings and how we may support you in realising your exhibition objectives, get in touch with us right now.