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Complete Checklist for Your Next Private Event

Hosting your first or your next private event? No worries – we’ve got your back!

Whether you’re planning a traditional in-person event, a virtual event or a private networking event, in this guide, we will be sharing with you a comprehensive checklist of what you need for your next planned event. 

1. The Purpose of Your Event

Have a meeting with the decision-makers that requested the event to set objectives and expectations for the event. There should be one main goal that will keep you focused as you organize the event. 

2. Your Guest List

Some companies forget to factor in this important and instead prioritized having a full party by inviting as many people as they could. This could backfire, as it could be a no-show or they may be many that lose interest halfway through seeing the invitation. Those that show up may have different backgrounds or personalities, and not form any rapport. So keep your target audience niche.

3. Your Budget

Arguably, the most important factor surrounds the budget of your event. The amount you could use could restrict or enhance the vision you have for your event. Make sure you do research with realistic figures and approach to work with. 

4. The Event and Location Venue

Pick a location that will be easily accessible both by public transport and private means. There should be adequate free parking for your guests.

Do make sure that the event space can accommodate your full guest list and a bit extra. Simultaneously, it should also not be too big, as this might make your event look too under-attended. 

5. Tables and Chairs

The type of tables and chairs needed will depend on the type of event being hosted. For instance, cocktail tables and high-top chairs may be more appropriate for a networking event, while banquet tables and chairs may be better for a sit-down dinner.

6. Sound and Lighting

You especially do not want your attendees to be leaving your event grumpy and memorable for the wrong reasons. Someone tripping on a sound cable and falling on their face definitely isn’t the exact impression you want to leave people with. If you’re looking for professionals, you can let MT Group Plus take care of your sounds and lights that are set to your taste at affordable rates.

7. Fun and Customisable Backdrops

Nothing beats being in front of the camera with your friends goofing off with a bunch of cool props, and then getting your picture captured for keeps!

Whether you’re looking for fun and creative backdrops on your big day, corporate event or private party, we know what you need and we’ve got it.

8. Food and Beverages

You can’t ever let your guests attend your event without any finger food to nibble on or beverages to quench their thirst! You should consider the presentation of your menu – this could have a significant impact on your guests’ overall experience. 

When planned and executed properly, events are undeniably a great tool for companies to build relationships with their clients and employees.

If you want to create an exclusive experience for a private event that clients will remember and recommend to others, MT Group Plus is tailor-made for what you need.

From Customized Exhibition Booth Designs, Portable Display Systems, Road Show & Event Management, Graphic Illustration & Large Format Printing, to Exhibition Tools & Equipment are here at your service.

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